Mar 23 2013

Acoustic Alternative Radio

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  1. Werner5 years agoReply

    radio station still work? I am not receiving any sound. I am based in Qatar.

    1. Robert^4 years agoReply

      Hi AAR Team,

      what happens why the station is offline since days?

      Best Regards from Hamburg, Germany.

  2. Edson4 years agoReply

    Thank you AcousticAlternative for making my day so bearable, I’m listening to you all day long in my office :)

  3. Kyrill4 years agoReply

    Hey, friends! Help me, ayudame! I am not perfect in English and I can’t understand words in one song. That song plays in a jingle with short pieces of music. There are some words I remembered: 6 am, massive, machine, blank, anymore. Help me to find, encontrarlo!)

  4. tomson4 years agoReply

    Hi…… Where is the Acoustic Alternative Radio in Shoutcast (listen in Winamp)?????

      1. tomson4 years agoReply

        THANKS A LOT………. Works very well with my Winamp…………

  5. vlad4 years agoReply

    guys, is there any chance of listening the radio in some other player instead of using the browser..? i’d really prefer clementine running in my tray then firefox hitting with flash in my dock, its rather annoying..

  6. Dom4 years agoReply

    Any chance to save the stream as a Playlist??

    1. Dom4 years agoReply

      Oh well, I should have read the posts before… nevermind!

  7. victor4 years agoReply

    This radio is perfect for a sunny day getting high

  8. Guss4 years agoReply

    That’s my man! cool music, my ears are blastin!!!

  9. poorya4 years agoReply

    this radio is amazing.

  10. Christian4 years agoReply

    Great radio station. Is there any way to see the name of the band and name of the current song?

  11. Josho_Aus4 years agoReply

    Where can I get a copy of the acoustic ‘Porn Star Dancin’ by My Darkest Days? Love it! Play it more please!!!

  12. Diwash4 years agoReply

    Used to listen to this station from itunes radio. Finally found it. :) Namaste from Nepal. 😀

  13. Chaz4 years agoReply

    Used to listen to this station exclusively 2009-2013. Tried to tune in today and couldn’t get a stream? Is the station down?


  14. Jul4 years agoReply

    Radio down tonight?
    Listening to it almost everyday.
    Even if your website is not updated plese go on!!
    Greetings from france :)

  15. ave4 years agoReply

    This radio is fantastic ! awesome.
    Thanks a lot !

  16. Pablo4 years agoReply

    Greetings from Argentina!, listen to you for the first time and i like it!!

  17. Elodie3 years agoReply

    Is the station dead ? I can’t listening since few weeks :(
    I’m so sad it’s a great station !

  18. James3 years agoReply

    My favorite radio station however, it’s frequently down. Why is this?

  19. Tim3 years agoReply

    Love this station. I find it goes for long periods of being offline through…:(

  20. Jacob3 years agoReply

    OMG it\’s working. This is the best thing ever and I used to listen to it for days. There\’s just no alternative. THANK YOU <3

  21. RonB3 years agoReply

    Acoustic Alternative is a great internet radio station. I discovered it in an older version of iTunes that had Internet Radio stations. It\’s still available in iTunes. However, several years ago, an iOS app was added to the app store, and I would listen to the station via the app. Then, suddenly, the app no longer worked. :-(

    However, there was an app update posted on May 7, 2015 (Version 3.7.5), and the app again works on my iPhone and iPad!

    For anyone who has an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and enjoys this station, I highly suggest downloading the free app from the app store.


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